Stephen Leslie

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Stephen is a photographer, writer and film maker from London, England. He has over twenty years experience as a street photographer both in the UK and on extensive travels abroad. His work has featured in numerous magazines and websites, including GUP, Huck, Eyeshot, Seen, Lensculture, The Guardian, Eric Kim, the Phoblographer, Time Out, C41, All, at and 

His ongoing project on the Jewish festival of Purim was included as part of the Hoxton Mini Press anthology Unseen London in 2017 and last year his first solo book, SPARKS was published by Unbound and Penguin. 

SPARKS is a unique photography book that combines 80 images, each one of which is accompanied by a short story that Stephen has written in response to the image. 

In addition to photography, Stephen also directs films and writes screenplays. He is currently working on a biographical film about Lucian Freud, Leigh Bowery and Sue Tilley for the BFI.

Gerry Orkin

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Before settling in Australia, Gerry studied documentary photography in the UK and worked in commercial darkrooms and studios in London and Sydney. 

His work in Indigenous communities is in the collections of the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS), the National Gallery of Australia and the National Museum of Australia, and has appeared in exhibitions, monographs and books. 

Gerry was the photographic coordinator for After 200 Years, a major government-funded documentary project that featured the work of 21 Indigenous and white Australian photographers. As well as commissioning photographers and contributing to the project himself, he co-curated and sequenced the resulting book and exhibitions.

In the mid-1980s Gerry co-founded PhotoAccess, Australia's first community photographic centre. He taught at PhotoAccess and in other settings for many years, and coordinated community and documentary photographic projects, including those that worked with young people, people of colour and people with disabilities. Many of those projects resulted in publications and exhibitions.

After many years away from photography Gerry began shooting again in 2012. He teaches workshops with his partner, the Australian street photographer Julia Coddington.

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